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Tenets Evil, Disease, Night, and the Moon
Status Active

Religious Symbols
Animal giant cobra
Plant strangle vines
Food rye whiskey

Food Unknown
Drink Unknown

Acceptable Axes

Eternally bathed in utter, vile blackness, this personification of evil is cruelty, anger, hatred, torture, and domination incarnate.

Set pleasures in the domination and subjugation of the weak by the power, might, and evil of the strong. He respects order, which often brought him in alliance with the former God of Balance, Bilanx, but Set is not above abandoning order to revel in chaos with his close ally, Gethsemane. Set never makes an uncalculated move towards obtaining more power for himself and his followers.

Set once laughed at Bast, finding her brand of "evil" to be trite and almost pathetic, but he knows that she has her uses in the political arena. Though Set admires and respects Loviatar, he often thinks her propensity to avoid murder or true acts of depravity are limitations to potential greatness. He also feels she is too sterile in her infliction of pain and vengeance, taking too much of a deliberate and unemotional approach. For Set, a little hatred and the spice of anger can always add new dimensions of entertainment to a session of torture or mutilation. Set acknowledges that certain perceptions must be upheld during the day, but the night holds many secrets and interesting options.

Set loves Gethsemane's twisted mind, often entertaining himself just watching the chaos and discord created by Gethsemane and his minions. Their outright abandonment, however, of all order and hierarchy reduces the effectiveness and power of their religion, which, though unfortunate for Gethsemane, is just as well for the ever competitive Set.

All the gods respect Set's drive for power, especially those that have held close affiliations with him in the past. He has been able to maintain a popular church that carefully balances existence in society with true acts of depravity and political assassinations. His drive for power and status in the Aetherial realm as well as the mortal realm is fearsome to behold, and his ego knows no bound. It is unknown if Set has the power to wipe out any of the gods affiliated with him, but it is often something that they do not dare risk. Thus, whenever Set chooses to rally for or against a cause, he never lacks for allies.

Set is ever watchful for ways to undermine the power of other gods by snatching some of their clerics or followers. His methods are usually crafty and persuasive, tempting the weak-willed with promises of glory and power. He is ever campaigning for other gods to rally around him, most notably Tempest and Belphegore. There are rumors that he has tried to charm Herastia, claiming that darkness sparks the inventive process. It is unclear if she is moved by his arguments.

Though the balance of the Aether has shifted multiple times, Set never loses sight of the fact that Vishnu will be his eternal enemy. Even if Vishnu turned away from the animosity, Set never would. The millennia of opposition is completely ingrained in Set, who still sees Vishnu as the perpetrator of all the ideals he opposes. Set will always work to thwart the activities of Vishnu and his followers and is always looking for opportunities to subvert or outright destroy those who aid his enemy. Set will pursue any avenue to drive Vishnu's teachings from the land, from grand acts of genocide and enslavement, to the most petty of evil acts. Despite these tasks, clerics and followers of Set are expected to avoid being hated at all costs, since the persecution of their church reduces Set's power as well as established base in the mortal realm. The Dark Order cannot expand if its clerics and faithful are being driven to the corners of the land by the kingdoms and societies of the mortal realm. Thus, servants of Set are often discrete and secretive in their plots and activities, waiting for the perfect time to strike. Often, that perfect time comes during the night, when Set holds dominion.