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Tenets Balance, Justice, and Neutrality
Status Inactive

Religious Symbols
Animal goat
Plant willow tree
Food rice

Food Unknown
Drink Unknown

Acceptable Axes

It is difficult to place a moniker of God or Goddess upon this deity because it is unknown if it has any sex or if it is both sexes simultaneously. As always, Bilanx retains complete, perfect balance in this respect.

Bilanx plays a crucial role in the protection of and preservation of the universe. It stands directly in the middle of the eternally raging war between Vishnu and Set, good and evil. Were it not for the activities of Bilanx, certainly either Vishnu or Set would have been victorious, and the fabric of space and time would quickly have been torn to shreds.

Bilanx is the guardian and enforcer of the neutral ethos, and it demands that its followers never stray too far from the middle. Generally, Bilanx's rule is that followers should only stray into kindness or corruption if the cosmic scale has begun tipping too noticeably in the direction of good or evil.

With the creation and rise to prominence of the mortal realms, it became absolutely vital to Bilanx to gain worshippers and followers. This is vitally necessary to Bilanx retaining enough power to maintain the tenuous balance between good or evil. Thus, Bilanx's ability to maintain a large pool of worshippers is critical to the survival of the universe. When Bilanx observed the mortal realms, it was most taken by their systems of justice. It was pleased by their neutral nature, as systems of mortal laws do not seem to discriminate against good or evil. Certainly, they tend to punish evil, anti-social acts, but this is necessary to peaceful civilization. Such laws are crucial to keeping chaos and strife from dominating over law and order. However, the laws are the same for beings both good and evil, and in that respect, systems of law are consistent with Bilanx's beliefs and theories on the universe. Bilanx became the patron deity of mortal Justice, and in this role, Bilanx has flourished. It is this element of its religion that it has gained the most followers, and thereby, the most power with which to protect the universe from destructively straying from balance.

Clerics and followers of Bilanx are worshippers of the laws, and they do their utmost to see that they are respected and maintained. There are times when this creates paradoxes, and Bilanx realizes and relishes in this interesting facet of its religion. In the end, Bilanx preaches that these paradoxes will balance out.