Mushroom Melt Panini

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The Mushroom Melt Panini is the refectory food item for the Church of Mortis. It utilizes the symbolic food of the faith - mushrooms.

Description - Thick slices of braised, succulent spiced beef have been tossed with diced onions and carrots that have been steamed to an al dente texture. Atop the beef and vegetables, thick slices of large mushrooms have been integrated with a blend of melted white cheeses. The entirety of this savory meal has been pressed between two sheets of flatbread that bear dark marks where the grill has scorched them.

Smell description - The mouthwatering aroma of mushrooms, beef, and onions fills the nose. The bread carries a hint of charred wheat from the grill marks scorching the surface.

Taste description - Crusty bread has been grilled dark, adding to the hearty flavor. The flavorful mushrooms enhance the beef and adds a hint of earthiness. The combined melted cheeses hold the panini together with a creamy quality.

Touch description - The grill marks on the bread of the panini make the sandwich easy to hold. The melted cheese oozes from the sides, covering the fingers.

Eat description - Mortis blesses each bite of this hearty meal, knowing it may be your last.