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Tenets Healing and Life
Status Active

Religious Symbols
Animal butterfly
Plant everwood pine
Food bread

Food Unknown
Drink Unknown

Acceptable Axes

As the goddess of Healing and Life, Vivoria probably cares more for mortals than any other god or goddess. She is excited by the powerful, bright spark that burns within every mortal's soul. There is something there that simply is not present within her immortal brethren. The fleeting, flickering nature of mortality fascinates her immensely. In her deepest thoughts, she wonders if it is this mortality that actually makes mortals superior to the gods in some way. Of course, she keeps such beliefs to herself, as they would enrage all other gods, and perhaps set them against her.

In pursuit and protection of her beliefs, Vivoria does whatever is in her power to assist mortals in protecting their lives. She is the source of all healing energies- clerical, magical, or otherwise- in the form of spells, potions, or other enchanted items. Sometimes she looks down upon the realm and looks for those that need healing. If she finds wounded beings that seem worthy of her blessing, she may provide pure and complete healing. Many mortals tell tales of being in the grip of the Grim Reaper, when suddenly, they were bathed in brilliant light, and energized to full vitality!

Vivoria also wields the power to rescue mortals from the realm of Mortis. This is a very difficult task, which requires incredible exertion on her part. Further, the more powerful the mortal, the harder it is for her to wrest their soul from Mortis' control. To complete this arduous task, she is forced to drain some of the life energy from the mortal being rescued. A small price to pay, however, for the resurrected mortal.

Throughout time, Vivoria has had to use a wide variety of tricks, negotiations, and immense expenditures of power in order to tread successfully through Mortis' realm. It is unknown how she is able to continually succeed in dragging souls from Mortis' realm. Some gods think Mortis has just grown tired of his duty of overseeing the dead, and has thereby become lax or uncaring. Erosia believes that Mortis is in love with Vivoria, and only puts up tacit resistance to her excursions in his realm.

Because of the beneficent nature of Vivoria's power, she is prayed to by beings of all religions and ethoi. Her devoted worshippers and clerics tend to be extremely helpful individuals — often willing to assist others at tremendous hardship to themselves.