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Karahd is an elf.

Character Portrait

Karahd flat.jpg
Karahd the Magocrat 

     This elf bears a youthful countenance free of the aging effects of
  other mortal races. Her complexion is tinted a light olive contrasted
  only by her thin, dark red lips and shaped, black eyebrows. Her hair
  is a complete wild story as it flits about carelessly in any slight 
  movement of air. Her blue eyes twinkle, perhaps reflecting an inner

   She is completely naked.

You are a female elf, 5'3" tall, weighing 103 pounds.
You have large, wide blue eyes.
You have long flowing purple hair.
You have a rather flat chest.

        Wielded primary:  weighted cudgel
        Worn as whistle:  shiny brass whistle
  Equipped as signature: two-inch length of braided twine
Worn as Adventurer Belt:  Belt of the Travler
                Carried:  Recipes for Disaster


Karahd is a mage templar mage. Some doofus, she doesn't remember who, gave her the rank of Arcanist. She agreed, so she wonders if maybe she's not the doofus. In any case, she thinks the post is dumb and she's too busy reading smutty material by her fireplace with her dog Killer to really care much about this position. She's tried several times to get her guild leadership to see reason and just remove her, but they seem very steadfast in keeping this stupid position filled with her, uh, great knowledge and wisdom? Anyway, she's too busy eating all of Cook's muffins while he's at market to put too much effort into either her duties (???) or the removal of her position.


Karahd has been freed from the shackles of being Arcanist! WOOHOO!!


Karahd was once an Erosian, and then she was (briefly) a Vivorian, but is now peacefully a member of the faith of Mortis.


Karahd has been in several clans. She's been in Veneficus, Taliesin, Taliesin again (after the The Reformation of Vindicator), The Argentine College, and is now sitting comfortably in The Chomp Chew Consortium - 3FC.


Karahd resides at #19 Thunder Alley, Thrace City. Some crazy bitch moved in while she temporarily resided at #2 Park Court, but after the whack-job was evicted, she moved house back to her old, beloved address.

There is a map available of Karahd's house.


Karahd whistle.png

weighted cudgel

   This cudgel is about three feet long in its entirety. It is made of robust
ironwood and is capped by a rather heavy plate of steel. Much skill and
familiarity with blunt weapons is required for wielding such a heavy weapon
as this. Pity the one whose skull should find itself beneath the crushing
force of this mighty weapon.

shiny brass whistle

   Dangling from a black, leather thong is a small, shiny brass whistle. 
Tubular in shape, one end has been pinched which is placed between one's 
lips, the other end is capped. When blown into, the air flows through the 
hollow chamber inside and out through the small slit in the top of the 
instrument which will produce a high pitched sound.

two-inch length of braided twine

   This simple item is nothing but a few strands of twine which have been
braided together. The entire object is a mere two inches and is rough to
the touch. It neither frays nor separates as might be expected; rather,
the ends terminate neatly as though snipped.