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Guildmaster: Everon
Location: Sable City, Thrace City
Required Stats: Intelligence 15, Wisdom 12
Unallowed: Amborel, Dwarf, Scorpien, Skurriden
Subguilds: Necromancers, Templars

A world of wonder, mystery, and most of all unfathomable power: this is the world of the mage. The unending pursuit of knowledge and power is what mages consign themselves. To study magic is to seek understanding of the incomprehensible. It is to try to bend to your will that which does not wish to be controlled. The potential is limitless, and the power is unimaginable.

The mage is a rare being capable of doing an incredibly wide variety of things with his powers and skills. This power comes at a cost, of course. This knowledge require intense research, study, and practice: often at the expense of the mage's physical well being or health. For this reason, mages are not well equipped for hand to hand combat, yet their mighty spells certainly make up for this fact.

Undeniably, to choose the path of the mage is to choose a path of wonder, and a path of never-ending excitement. And of course, though this path is fraught with peril, it ultimately leads to incomprehensible power.


The sorcerors guild merged with the mages in the year 396 and now have guild halls in both Sable and Thrace.


A mage can be recognized by their carried tome of spells that is often customized to reflect the interests of the mage.