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Dwarf is one of the Races in the game Threshold.

Almost all dwarven societies live underground, and the grueling work of building caverns, mines, and other such structures fits their natural penchant for hard work very well. They are short and stocky, not terribly humorous, often very serious, and love good booze and precious metals.

They are a proud race, though not arrogant like elves. In fact, it is this elven arrogance that is a major reason for the dislike between the two races. Dwarves are proud of the craftsmanship of their caverns, their mines, and their weapons and armor. All of these tend to be extremely strong and generally of great quality. They are also quite proud of their beards (males and females) as they are a sign of age, wisdom, and beauty.

Other races find dwarves relatively unattractive, as their stocky bodies and bearded faces seem too masculine and rough for most people.

Dwarves mistrust most forms of magic, and will never become mages or psions.

See: Races

See: Races