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Guildmaster: Halyanne
Location: Thrace
Required Stats: See mages or psions
Unallowed: Fae, also see mages or psions

Templars is one of the Guilds in the game Threshold. Fanatical champions of a cause the guild of templars combine the warriors armored defenses with a magician's powerful offenses. They are identified by a symbol that represents the cause each individual champions.

The templars guild is located in Thrace

Templars are chosen from the ranks of the Mages and Psions guilds.


To become a Templar, you must create your character as either a mage, or psion. You must also reach at least level 10/10 before you can even consider applying for membership. Most Templars are at least 15/15 before they are accepted.

Every Templar has a very clear cause to which they devote their life. This cause must be something that is very concrete and readily apparent to all who come into contact with the Templar. The cause cannot require special programming of ANY sort. The cause must be something that you can pursue through your own work, imagination, creativity, and roleplaying.

If your cause is approved, you must then prove that you can demonstrate your zeal by pursuing your cause in your current guild for at least 3 to 6 months. If during this time, your character and his or her cause become practically synonymous, you will then be admitted to the Templars guild. If you do not succeed in making your cause extremely well known, then your application will be rejected.

After you become a Templar, you must continue to work for your cause. If over time you become lax in your duties, you will be booted from the guild.