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Fae is one of the playable Races in the game Threshold.

The Fae are a pixie-like race known for their exceptional intelligence and wit. They come from the plane of fairies, a realm where they do not encounter many other races. Because of this, they often don't trust the people they do meet and can be very cautious around strangers, especially those from other planes.

Despite their small size, the Fae are quite hardy and possess high levels of intelligence and wisdom. They have a keen understanding of the world around them and can quickly adapt to new situations. In addition to their wit and intelligence, the Fae possess a unique talent for magic and psionics. They possess a natural fondness for illusion, and due both to their strength in the arts and also to their general mistrust, they find it easier to see past illusions.

The Fae are a beautiful race, with delicate features and pointed ears. They have gossamer wings that are not strong enough for flight but can be easily maneuvered to help with balance or enhance their movements. A fae's wings are not a detriment to wearing armor or clothing, as they can be neatly folded and tucked beneath, although they often prefer garments which enable them to spread their wings.

Because they come from the plane of fairies, the Fae are ordinarily short-lived, but those who become adventurers often enjoy the blessings of long life. Overall, the Fae are a mysterious and interesting race that offers interesting insights and observations of the material and spiritual realms.

Unlike other races, the fae have two unique heritages from which to choose: mistweaver and stargazer. These heritages are more akin to internal factions and have historically served as a catalyst for conflict, though such conflict currently simmers rather than rages.

Guild affinities

Fae are well-suited for careers in magic and psionics, though they would never entertain the idea of becoming necromancers or, with their strong distaste for most metals, desire to become templars.

Restricted guilds

Bard, Cleric, Necromancer, Paladin, Ranger, Templar, Warrior

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