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Guildmaster: Runatsu
Location: Sable City
Required Stats: Strength 14, Constitution 12
Unallowed: Amborel, Asuli, Fae

Rangers are one of the Guilds in the game Threshold. They are noted defenders of the wilderness. The Rangers Guild is located outside Sable City and their identifying feature is a tracker's compass.

Rangers are selected from the Warriors guild.

All Rangers must create their characters as Warriors. The minimum level to become a ranger is 10/10, but warriors are usually of higher level when they are accepted. To become a Ranger, you must demonstrate a long standing devotion to the natural world (though worshipping Silvanus is not in any way a requirement).

If you meet the minimum requirements, you must then seek out other Rangers as well as the guildmaster of Rangers and speak with them. They will work to determine if you qualify for their guild. They will have duties and tasks you must perform to prove yourself. If you succeed, they will admit you. If you fail, there is no shame, as not everyone who seeks rangerhood can be accepted.


Rangers carry around a Tracker's Compass to help them in their long forays into the wilds.