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Asuli is one of the playable Races in the game Threshold.

The asuli as a race is easily dismissed as frail, delicate, and about as far from intimidating as can be conceived. This perception is, of course, only held by those with lazy minds or an inability to look further than the physical. Asulis have proven to be incredibly cerebral and cunning as a people with a history steeped in art, mysticism, and magic. Members of this race have reached high stations in politics and positions of leadership for their acuity and ability for reason.

An asuli resembles an elf in some ways such as a slender form, boasting delicate features and a deliberate grace and he is similarly long-lived, however he is immediately discernible by his blue-tinged skin and being entirely hairless. Culturally, an asuli's one hundredth birthday is marked by ritual tattooing of a pattern upon his bald pate using powdered moonshade moss. The decision upon the pattern is one of fastidious soul-searching. As with anything in his life he deliberates almost obsessively. An asuli straddles the line between fate and chance, never fully embracing one concept over the other, some even considering both to be the same construct. All the paths of consequence and happenstance converge into the central element of mysticism which forms the basis of the shamanistic belief structures of the more remote, rural asuli communities.

An asuli is best suited to the life of a mage class, or psion, though some have followed their calling with their bardic talents, some even still going forth as thief or a rogue. Asulis is ill-suited to a career with heavy armor requirements such as warriors and while they can be passionate about their religion, an asuli would not adapt well to suiting up as a cleric.

Asulis possess a level of curiosity to match their wide interests and are blessed with high intelligence and luck.

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