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Guildmaster: <none>
Location: Sable City
Required Stats: Charisma 16, Luck 14, Dexterity 12
Unallowed: Amborel, Canis, Dwarf, Fae, Scorpien

Bards are one of the Guilds in the game Threshold. Songwriters and performers bards seek adventure to be able to find the next great song. A bard can be identified by a multicoloured pouch and musical instrument.

Admission Information

The process of becoming a bard is the most unique in Threshold. It is important to understand that the roleplaying requirements of being a bard are arguably the most demanding of any guild. Bards are required to do things that will entertain the rest of the gaming world. They must put on performances, create songs or poetry, and the like. While each bard will develop his or her performing specialty, they must *ALL* make it their number one priority to entertain the masses. Because of this fact, potential bards must demonstrate their loyalty to the game as well as prove their roleplaying and creative abilities. Thus, in order to apply for a bard character, you must currently be a registered citizen and you must have proven your roleplaying and creative abilities over many months or years of playing Threshold. Obviously, if you are not good at writing or spelling, you have no chance since those are the most basic pre-requisites to being a bard.

It is NOT easy to get accepted to make a bard. If you meet the requirements listed above, you must then send a detailed application to the Bard guildmaster (help council) that contains a very in-depth description of your potential bard character.

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