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Skurriden is one of the playable Races in the game Threshold.

The Skurriden are a humanoid, rat-like race that dwells underground, favoring dimly lit environments. They possess short, wiry fur coats that are often brown or black in color, with round, pointed noses, sharp teeth, and pointed ears that help them navigate their dark and cramped underground homes.

Despite their rat-like appearance, the Skurriden are highly cunning and dextrous. They seem to possess an uncanny amount of luck, which has helped them survive in the treacherous underground environment they call home. They are quick and agile, able to navigate tight spaces and avoid danger with ease.

The Skurriden often come from large, extended families, and it is unclear whether they are all related or simply appear to be. Even the Skurriden themselves are not entirely sure. However, their strong sense of community and loyalty to their kin is well-known, and they often work together to overcome challenges and obstacles.

Even though the Skurriden are usually wary of strangers, they can be very loyal to people they consider friends or allies. They are a unique and enigmatic race with a deep connection to the underground world they call home.

Guild affinities

Skurriden are well-suited for careers as bards, thieves, or rogues. While they do not have high bonuses for charisma, they make up for it with their dexterity and luck.

Restricted guilds

Alchemist, Cleric, Mage, Necromancer, Psion, Templar