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Lords: Broktre, Uggah, Slyndon, Rhokava
Location: Maelstrom's Fortress
Required Stats: Intelligence 15, Dexterity 12, Constitution 12
Unallowed: Amborel, Dwarf, Skurriden, Scorpien

Alchemists is one of the Guilds in the game Threshold. Half natural philosopher half mad scientist the alchemists of Threshold are masters of curiosity. An alchemist can be identified by their white laboratory coat and (often) self-inflicted injuries from experiments gone wrong (or right).

Self named masters of the elements, they can often be found playing with fire, creating explosions and generally tinkering with their brews. From beautiful firework displays, to all the liquor you can drink, alchemists are as curious as they are crazy.

Admissions information

If your branch of study is more scientific than arcane in nature, make your way to Maelstrom's Fortress and find the grand library of the Alchemists within the compound. From there, alchemists widely pick their own personal branch of study based on which of the four basic elements (Air, Earth, Fire, and Water) they have the strongest affinity for. After choosing your path, what you can do with it is limited only by your studies! Brew masters and big boomers alike come together here to study the wonders of the modern world, often bringing light to things that are often misunderstood; for science! Mixing reagents and bottling potions doesn't come without certain dangers. Any alchemist worth their salt and hydrochloric acid has a few burn marks to show, reflecting the volatile possibilities of things gone wrong. Most alchemists also find themselves lacking sleep from late nights spent studying, testing (and retesting) experiment results, and perhaps maybe drinking a few too many of their own personal brews. But, if you succeed, you can find yourself greatly enhanced from the strengths that come with your dedicated studies. So grab your cauldron and a few clean vials, there's experiments to run, and research to be done.

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