King Glamis

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King Glamis was the founding king of the Kingdom of Sable, raised by his mother Herastia in the ways of true Aetherial faith in a time when demon worship abounded in an age of darkness, between the fall of the Luxorian empire and rise of the new age of enlightenment. His keen tactical mind and martial prowess were only matched by his diplomatic will that lead to the first defensive compacts with the kestrels of the Dragonspine mountains, the salamaes of Legion swamp, the catfolk of the Sunswift meadows, the canis and the elves of the Ironwood and Everwood forests, the dwarves and gnomes in hidden dwellings, and the scorpien who make their modern day home in the City of Androctonus. Together the combined forces culled back the many orc tribes and other threats, laying the groundwork for Sable and the current overall peace in the lands.