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Salamae is one of the Races in the game Threshold.

Centuries ago, when the founders of the Sable Kingdom were exploring the continent in search of a location for their capital city, they met with a tribe of salamae who were living in the swamps just north of modern day Sable City. They found them to be a friendly, fun-loving race of individuals, and an alliance was quickly and easily struck. They assisted with clearing the surrounding lands of dangers, and participated in the founding and the construction of the capital city. Ever since then salamae have made up a significant portion of the population of Sable Kingdom and its surrounding lands.

Salamaes are humanoid, amphibious creatures that are slightly shorter and significantly less muscular than humans. Their skin is very smooth and usually dark colored with bright spots of various hues. They have a thin tail that tapers along its approximate 3 foot length. They have thin tongues and wide, round eyes. They are generally very social, friendly creatures (at least to their allies). Like other humanoids, they are warm blooded.

Salamaes are intelligent and agile beings, who are also known to be quite lucky. They are slight of build, and though this makes them less hardy than a human or dwarf, they are certainly not weak or fragile. They are well suited to almost every guild (except necromancers), and they make especially good mages, thieves, clerics, and rangers.

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