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Kestrel is one of the Races in the game Threshold.

The Kestrels are a race of noble, falcon-like humanoids who became a part of humanoid society in a very historic fashion. A few centuries ago, when King Glamis was expanding Sable Kingdom, he happened upon this race's society in the high peaks of the Dragonspine mountains. They were also having serious trouble with orcs, goblins, and other evil humanoids, and they agreed to join forces with King Glamis in repelling these foul creatures. From this agreement a strong allegiance was born, and soon enough Kestrels began moving to Sable and other humanoid civilizations to experience what those societies had to offer. In the many years since, they have become a respected and well liked race that has equal status within humanoid society as the other races.

Kestrels retain some of the strength and agility of their falcon ancestors though their slightly hollow bones, and the fact that they now live on land makes them not as hardy as other races. They often tend to rely on instinct rather than pure reason, leaving some to believe they are not a learned or wise as some of the other races. They are a very noble, and proud race, and do not take insults lightly.

They retain small, hard, beak-like noses that can still be used offensively or to crack hard objects (like nuts, shells, etc.). They have small, feathered, vestigial wings that are no longer capable of flight. They can be folded very compactly, thus they do not impair Kestrel's ability to wear suit armor, or cloaks, but they generally need special fittings for clothing.

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