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The daily login bonus is a reward system for players who stay logged in and play for longer periods of time. This bonus becomes available at guild level 5.

When you login, you are granted a small black marble. After an hour, the marble will begin to glow to show that it has activated.

To redeem the reward from this marble, seek out Mindrin the Mystic in Sable City (from COT - w, n) or Vilinin the Veteran in Thrace City (from COT - 3n, 4w, n) and ask him about daily bonus.

You will be presented with a menu of options to select your reward.


Dominance Rewards
Reward Type Used at
Phylactery of Worship Favor Sacrificial Alcoves in temples and altars in houses
Emblem of Vindicator Clan dominance Hall of Clans (if you are a member of a clan)
Crest of the Kingdom Prosperity Resource crates


After you have received your reward from Mindrin or Vilinin, your marble will go on cooldown for an hour. Once the cooldown has expired, the marble will glow again, allowing you to collect another reward from those that remain. You may perform this activity three times per real life day.


If you logout and log back in, you will need to spend at least 1 hour online before collecting your next reward.