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Mindrin the Mystic is a taskmaster in the Adventurers Guild of Sable city. Mindrin's counterpart in Thrace city is Vilinin the Veteran.


Mindrin the Mystic 

   This tall human stands here dressed in all manner of strange garb. He
wears bright red pantaloons which are overhung by a puffy, bright blue
blouse. The blouse is decorated with appliqued stars and moons which almost
matches his navy blue foppish hat which trails behind his head to a white
cotton-ball tip. He is old in appearance and his eyes look past you when he
speaks. His black shoes are flat but for the tips which curl up, only one
of which, the left, bears a small silver bell which jingles tinnily as he
moves about.

      This is a taskmaster. For more information, type: help task
He is a male human, 6'2" tall, weighing 150 pounds.
He is in Perfect Condition.