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Favor is defined as the most active and the most represented faith in the realm of Threshold. Actions performed by clergy, paladins, worshipers, and even the undevoted all contribute to the great battle for the mindset of the denizens of Threshold.

Favor is gained by various actions, rites, sacrifices performed by all mortals in the name of the deities.

Typically people contribute by burning items in the Sacrificial alcove of a temple, though that is only one method of increasing dominance.

Benefits of favor

  • If your church is dominant, any time you kill a monster, 10% of its dropped coin is calculated and contributed to your temple as a tithe. This, however, is only a mechanic of partying. It is to encourage grouping with your faith-mates, but it will work regardless of the religious makeup of the party.
  • If your church is in the top 33% of the favor race, you will receive a bonus to the possible number of resources gathered. This is cumulative with clan dominance bonus.