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Among online games, the term pet has been used to describe a summonable, living creature that follows around the character who brought it about. The same is true for Threshold, however, there are different flavors of pets available within the game and this page will attempt to describe those.

Generally, pets enjoy this specific classification to protect them from area of effect (AoE) spells and abilities. Although, it should be noted that some spells specifically do ignore this classification until the player character has become strong enough that their abilities will ignore pets. And also some abilities will never ignore pets.

Different Types of Pets

  • Ordinarily, creatures such as familiars (mages), squires and pages (warriors, paladins), animal companions (rangers), are classified as pets. Basically, if you summon a creature, whether it is alive or not, it is considered a pet.
  • Animal mounts are considered pets
  • Some pets are summoned from items, such as resource pets.
  • Registerable house pets.