Resource pets

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ThreshCredit Item

clay summoning jar
Location and Cost
ThreshCredit Bazaar
5 TC
Special Access Shop
King's Court
King's Court 2000

Resource pets follow you along and automatically pick up items you mine, clip, skin, or chop. This item can be purchased with ThreshCredits. Although they are shown to mimic living beings, they are not, in fact and won't respond to "say to" or emotes. However, you can emote using the regular emote command.


Resource pets can carry 300 items.


Resource pets do not expire, but will disappear fairly quickly if you logout and take all your hard work with them!

Pet Types

There are four types of resource pets and each can carry a specific type of resource, in addition to the findable type of resources such as silk or wool.

Pet type Resource type
robust canis furrier hides, leathers, silk, wool
slender garden gnome clippings, bundles, silk, wool
sturdy takzul lumberjack logs, planks, silk, wool
short, stocky dwarf miner" ore, ingots, silk, wool


summon <miner/gardener/lumberjack/furrier>
give <item> to <pet>
put <item> in <pet>
get <item> from <pet>
release <pet>