Guild abilities

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The topic of guild abilities is as varied the guilds themselves, but all abilities fall within a few categories: offensive abilities, defensive abilities, information gathering abilities, support abilities and, crafting abilities.

Offensive Abilities

Offensive abilities are the basis of each combat orientated guilds' combat prowess, ranging from a warrior's shield bash and sundering strikes, to a mage's cataclysmic barrage of a prismatic spray.

Defensive Abilities

Defensive abilities are a guild's damage avoidance or mitigation teachings.

Information Gathering Abilities

Information gathering abilities are among a guild's most guarded secrets and guilds will often go to great lengths to keep this information private and away from others.

Support Abilities

Support abilities are also quite sought after like a cleric's power to heal the wounds of another or themselves by faith, a warrior's skilled hand to put an exceptional edge to a blade, or even a psionic or alchemical reinforcement of weapon or armor strength.

Crafting Abilities

Crafting abilities are available only to the Tradesman Guild, with them being able take materials both rare and common to make items beyond exceptional quality to sell to their adventuring brethren so they might return with ever more rare resources to forge, sew, mint, and craft with.