Engraved silver sorberus

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The Engraved silver sorberus is used to improve, crown, and inscribe battlecard glyphs onto battlecards. It can be found in cards shops in both Thrace and Sable.


Engraved Silver Sorberus

   This device consists of two silver plates hinged together at their tip,
which, when open, resembles a pocket watch. The interior of the apparatus
is engraved with shallow markings that seem to function as a mechanical
enchantment. It is presently at rest and is ready to be activated.


Command Description
Card improvement
meld <card to be improved> with <sacrificial card> Sacrifice a card to gain xp
crown <card to be crowned> Promote a card to crowned status
Card enhancement
inscribe <card> with <glyph> into <left horn/right horn/halo> Inscribe a glyph onto a card
unscribe <left horn/right horn/halo> from <card> Remove a glyph from a card
Glyph commands
deconstruct <glyph> Disenchant a glyph into supplies used for embellishing other glyphs
supplies View your currently stored glyph embellishment supplies
Glyph enhancement
embellish <glyph> Enhance the stats on a glyph using supplies generated from deconstruction