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Battle cards are tradeable/collectible items found throughout the game, most commonly through the world drop system. They can also be purchased from card shops. Each battle card has different battle card stats depending on its rarity and level.



There are four known rarities which are reflected in the color of the card.

Rarity Color
Common White
Uncommon Green
Rare Yellow
Elite Bold Cyan


The cards themselves have two or three principal elements to them. The face, the back, and the glyphs. The face you can see when you simply type look <card>. The back can be viewed by typing look back on <card>.

Hellhound uncrowned front.png Uncrowned face
Hellhound uncrowned back.png Uncrowned back
Hellhound crowned front.png Crowned front
Hellhound crowned back.png Crowned back
Hellhound crowned glyphs.png Crowned glyphs


Any time you win a battle at a battle brazier, you and your team will gain XP derived from the highest level opponent on the opposing team. Solo, it is just you against another player, but a team may consist of 2-4 players each. Additionally, a card can be "fed" to another card by being melded at an Engraved Silver Sorberus located in the card shops. There is a slight bonus to feeding cards of the same deck and the higher the level and rarity.

All cards start out at level 1 and progress to level 11. This is represented at the top right on the card by a +XX for every level above level 1 the card has achieved. Once a card has been crowned (see below) it is considered to have no level.


XP is referred to in character as food. The amount of food needed to level a card is strictly dependent upon its level. The formula is simply level * 15.

Food required to level cards
Level +level Food Required
2 +1 15
3 +2 30
4 +3 45
5 +4 60
6 +5 75
7 +6 90
8 +7 105
9 +8 120
10 +9 135
11 +10 150


When melding a card via an Engraved Silver Sorberus certain bonuses apply depending on various qualities of the cards being used as food. The final amount of food value of the melded card will be a sum of the below.

  • Level of fodder card * 3 + random(1 - level of fodder card)
  • 2 * rarity level (common: 0, uncommon: 1, rare: 2, elite: 3)
  • Same series as card being improved: +2


Once a card has achieved +10 levels, it can be crowned. A crowned card has much higher stats and is now eligible to be inscribed with glyphs. Common cards cannot be crowned. Crowned cards do not gain XP and cannot be further leveled. A card can be crowned for 5 orb at an Engraved Silver Sorberus.


There are presently two known series, the Bestiary Series and Critter Series.

Holiday Decks

  • The Haunted Series was created during the 2017 Homestead celebration with limited cards and for a limited duration.
  • The Founders Series was created during the summer of 2018 with limited cards and for a limited duration.


Battle cards have stats, much like players, and are used during a duel to enhance its abilities or even, in the case of health, measure its life. The following is a chart of the various stats on battle cards and what they represent.

Battle card stats
Stat Description
Health An amount measuring the life of the card.
Armor Mitigates incoming damage
Attack power All damage is derived from this stat
Infliction Chance to land a negative effect (debuff, status)
Resistance Chance to resist a negative effect (debuff, status)
Critical chance Chance to land a critical attack
Critical power Critical damage is derived from this stat
Quickness Determines place in attack order each round.


When a card attempts a debuff or status attack, it must succeed its infliction stat against the resistance of the target card. If there are multiple targets, then each target gets an opportunity to resist the debuff/status.


The attack order is only calculated once at the beginning of a round. Effects to a card's quickness will only be taken into account at the beginning of the following round. Cards with the same quickness value (including buffs and debuffs) at the beginning of a round are randomized to determine their order.