Chess board

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Chess is a board game that can be played, among other places, the Green Griffon Tavern. The game is not automated in any way and relies on the players knowing how the game is played.

In Threshold's past, there have been tournaments and even a chess ladder, however, no known such organized playing of chess exists.

House Object

Chess board is a house object which can be purchased for a player house at a cost of either 15000 coins or 27 ThreshCredits.


Chess Board

  This simple, 8x8 board is designed for playing chess.

  game new - start a new game
  game instructions - read the instructions of the game
  game moves - recent moves made during this game
  game all moves - all moves made during this game
  game queen <location> - gain a new queen when a pawn is moved into the 
                          opponent's last rank
  game turn complete - indicate that your turn is complete
  replace <piece> to <location> - if you mess up, you can replace captured
                                  pieces with this command
  play <white/black> - select your color
  status - check the status of the board
  move <piece> to <coordinate> - move one of your pieces