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Houses are available to players that have reached the $700 registered user level. The basic house includes a front yard, a foyer, a master bedroom, and 3 other "rooms" of your own design (they can be hallways, extra bedrooms, living rooms, etc.). You can obtain more rooms at higher registered user levels. You cannot use these rooms to create exotic locations like stables, cliff diving, or other things that are beyond the scope of a room in an actual house.

The following locations are available for building houses. Keep in mind that not every location is automatically available. Although locations are mostly on a first come first served basis, the King is saving some places for future expansion and also wants to protect the real estate market by preserving some of the "prime locations" in town.

Valid House Locations (subject to availability):

Sable City: Watcher, Rakhir, Kithain Crossing, Sentinel Highroad, Outskirts (North, South, and East). BEST SABLE LOCATIONS: Outskirts, Kithain, and Sentinel (especially the Outskirts)

Thrace City: Thunder Alley (north side), West Wind Way, East Wind Way, Lightning Lane (southwestern side) Perimeter Palisades (bordering the residential districts), Eastvine (neighborhood east of Thrace City proper). BEST THRACE LOCATIONS: Eastvine neighborhood

Village of Kelnore

Banyee Village

Androctonus (scorpien only)

LOCATIONS NOT IN A CITY/TOWN/VILLAGE: These locations are only granted now if part of your character's history is part of an admin run RP plot line. Such houses provide a huge advantage as they grant a safe rest location or escape in an otherwise dangerous area.

You cannot store armor, weapons, etc. in houses. They are not designed for that purpose. Houses are an opportunity for you to build something interesting and unique that is your own part of the land of Theshold. There are many advantages to houses, and many things you can add to them. If you have suggestions for additional enhancements, feel free to suggest them with the idea command.

The following commands are important in maintaining your home:

  • decorate - this is the most important command! (help decorate)
  • invite (name) - grant someone access to your home (from your foyer)
  • uninvite (name) - remove an invitation (from your foyer)
  • invite list - check your list of invitations (from your foyer)
  • invite open - have an "Open House" (uninvite open to close it)

Requesting a new house

You can submit a request for a house by completing the form located on the house request page.

When picking your three locations, no two choices should be functionally identical (For example, do not chose two locations on the same street).

NOTE: Due to the extreme popularity of some locations and the necessity of spreading out development to encourage uniform growth of the game world, there is no guarantee you will get any of your top 3 choices. Effort will be made to give you one of your choices, or to at least give you a house in a location that is logical for your character.

RULE: It is against the rules to use or allow someone to use a house they do not own for any kind of OOC benefit (storage, long term idling, etc.).

Moving a house

You can submit a request to move your house by completing the form located on the house request page.