Chat command

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The chat command is a helpful roleplay tool, or even when you simply want to hang out and be chatting on channels. By typing: chat <type of chatting>, everything you type will get automatically sent as if you had typed the command or channel name before it.


chat - enter chat mode as if you typed chat say

chat <type of chat> - to enter chat mode

chat list - list channels allowed for chat mode

. - to exit chat mode

While in chat mode, you can still execute commands by typing them with a ! in front of the command. So while you are chatting you can still send tells, do commands in the room, etc, etc, should you need to do something while you are chatting. For example:

  !tell soandso I'm busy right now, perhaps we can discuss that later

You can always exit this chat mode by entering a period: .

Special Note

See also: Channels, Tune command