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Tenets Battle, Rage, and Fire
Status Active

Religious Symbols
Animal wolverine
Plant strangle vines
Food flaming raki

Food Unknown
Drink Unknown

Acceptable Axes

Mortals are like steel: the hotter the fire, the higher the quality. The truest test of that statement is, of course, battle. This is the philosophy of Belphegore. The fires that forge a mortal are those of conflict and challenge; however, the battlefields of these conflicts are not only those where weapons clash. There are battles of the mind, battles of the will, and battles of the soul that equally test the mettle of a mortal's being. Followers of Belphegore are expected to respect all such methods of proving oneself to their God. For those who neglect the mind and focus entirely on the sword are destined to find themselves at the end of one in the most unfortunate manner possible.

For uncounted eons, Belphegore was one of Tempest's mightiest Generals. His victories were innumerable, as were the bodies of those who fell to his sword. His might was unparalleled in Tempest's army, and though this made Tempest proud, the rage with which Belphegore fought was the source of much concern for the more level headed God of War. Tempest hoped that over time he could teach Belphegore the importance of calm when planning and carrying out a battle plan. Though always mindful of Tempest's wise words and immense understanding of warfare, Belphegore disagreed on this point and felt that a warrior could amplify his effectiveness if he allowed his rage to flow through and empower himself. For century upon century, the two Gods debated, defended, and demonstrated their opinions on the matter.

During the Aethereal Shift, there was a need to return the Aether to balance. The scales were beginning to tip precariously toward the side of good, and this concerned Bilanx greatly. Even Mighty Tempest worried about the repercussions of such an imbalance. Having recently proclaimed his love for Erosia, he was not interested in witnessing the destruction of the cosmos that could result from the Final Battle. Bilanx and Set asked that Tempest release Belphegore from service so that he could be raised to divine status. It was well known that Belphegore would lean more towards evil, and thereby this would remedy the unbalancing effect of Tempest leaning a little more towards good. Tempest agreed, and Belphegore soon ascended to divinity. That is not the whole story, as there was much anger and deceit that surrounded the whole ceremony. Further details must be sought in other religious texts.

With the disappearance of Bilanx, Belphegore no longer serves as a balancing force for the Aether. Thus, his activities and behaviors now follow an even broader spectrum as he pushes himself and his followers in more and more battles and trials. It is unknown what drives Belphegore to this extent of activity, and some even claim that it is a madness of sorts.

Followers of Belphegore are known for their free-flowing emotions as well as their dedication to constantly testing themselves in all sorts of contests, competitions, and of course: battles. Tests of skill, tests of strength, or tests of cunning are all of interest to the Gorian. They respect and revere fire for both its power and its utility. They scoff at mere pyromaniacs who have no understanding of the might of this thing they treat as a play toy. Some regard them as wild-eyed beasts who let themselves be ruled by rage. All regard them with caution.