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The term stats typically refers to your core stats and is generally only really useful for determining which guild you may join. Stats are a nod to the D&D game system outside of the guild requirements, they offer modest value. It would be inaccurate to say that they don't impact anything at all, however, it is actually your training in your skills and spells, your level, and your skill as a player that contribute the most to your abilities. There are items in the game that boost your stats and while moderately useful and typically temporary, it is the above that really make your character more powerful. Hit points, spell points, and endurance points increase as you advance player level and guild level.

Every player character has the following stats.

  • Strength
  • Intelligence
  • Wisdom
  • Dexterity
  • Constitution
  • Charisma
  • Luck

Changing Stats

While stats are typically permanent, if you have not yet joined a guild but have completed heritage, you are welcome to take advantage of the Stat Re-Allocation Room. You can enter this room from both Adventurers Guild in both Sable and Thrace. This room behaves similarly to how you allocated your stats during creation and may only be used once.

Stat Expansion

A stat expansion was implemented on Feb 12, 2018 which enabled players to train stats for their characters beginning at guild level 1 and at every 5 level interval in the training room of their guild.

Stat Bonuses

The following table describes the benefits of increased stats. Note that most stat bonus effects don't manifest until a certain value has been reached. This includes all bonuses, even temporary buffs.

Stat Buffs Minimum
  • Increased white damage
  • Resistance to air, fire, magic, water
  • Chance for sp regen tick to crit for double regen
  • Increased MAX SP
  • Resistance to psionic, void
  • Style critical chance
  • Increased MAX SP
  • Critical strike (combat and crafting)
  • Resistance to earth, water
  • Chance for hp/ep regen tick to crit for double regen
  • Increased MAX HP
  • Increased selling rates at shops (caps at 30)
  • Pervasive benefits throughout the game for discovering secret doors, searching, world drops, resource gathering, etc