Sacrificial altar

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House Object

Sacrificial altar is a house object which can be purchased for a player house at a cost of either 50000 coins or 90 ThreshCredits.

You can place a sacrificial altar in your house for the purpose of private worship to a god or goddess. Sacrifices made at these altars add to dominance nearly the same as sacrifices at a deity's primary temple. These altars provide safety and privacy by sacrificing in your home rather than in a publicly accessible location such as a temple.

Default Appearance

Sacrificial Altar

   This altar is one of many of its kind which have been fabricated for the
masses. It is made of a single, solid granite block atop which sits a copper
brazier. Sacrifices are made regularly as is evidenced by the amount of soot
left in the brazier's depths.


In order to customize the altar for your deity and the long description, you must decorate the items altar-deity and altar-long in the room where the altar rests. For the deity, it is important to note that you should put the deity's name only on one line in the editor.


> decorate item altar-deity

Enter the description for altar-deity:

When finished, type a period on a blank line. To cancel, type ~q

***ALWAYS*** hit return at the end of each line. The length of a line is:

You decorate the altar-deity here.
> gl
Private Santuary 
     The only obvious exit is north.

   Sacrificial Altar of Erosia