Pillar of destruction

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A pillar of destruction is magical device that allows for the destruction of most items. It is a player-oriented method of cleaning up after themselves, allowing one to rid oneself of items they no longer need or want and cannot or will not give away. Pillars can be found in many locations in the game, often shops, guild halls, etc. Not every item in the game is destructable in this manner. You can use the ooc command to determine if an item cannot be destroyed.

House Object

Pillar of destruction is a house object which can be purchased for a player house at a cost of either 30000 coins or 54 ThreshCredits.


destroy/trash <item>    - remove an item from the game


Pillar of Destruction

   This strange object or structure is a six foot high pillar made of an
unfamiliar, unknown black material that is not quite metallic and not
quite stone. It has a large opening above which a message has been chiseled
into the pillar. It reads: To dispose of an item: destroy <item>