Manual of skill mastery

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manual of skill mastery (thrusting weapons)

   This heavy manual is encased in a flexible maroon leather cover. The 
corners are slightly frayed and the leather lightly scratched due to the
soft texture of the hide but it is still in excellent condition and looks
to be well cared for. The parchment pages are only slightly yellowed 
around the edges with no obvious tears.

   This manual would advance one's mastery of the thrusting weapons skill
once invoked.

These incredibly useful manuals can occasionally be found throughout the course of adventurer's journeys through some of the more violent areas of Threshold. Those of the more physical arts of combat could potentially find the knowledge stored within one of these manuals useful. If you come across one, and the manual is written on a topic in which your skills align, you can invoke it to consume the knowledge within, destroying the manual in the process. With this increased knowledge of a subject, training costs for that skill diminish greatly. This becomes useful when you advance a player level and enhance your training in your skills.

Please note, upon gaining Grand Master understanding in a skill, you will not be able to invoke the manual. Maybe another in your guild could use the knowledge within.


Often confused, there are skills and spell skills bearing the same name. It is worth mentioning that if you have skills and not spells and you try to use a tome instead of a manual, the tome will be removed from the game upon your attempt to use it. When in doubt, you can type skills spells to see what spell skills you have. If you have it listed in spells, then what you need is a tome, and not a manual. If it's not there, and it's in your skills screen, you need a manual.