Mahogany bar

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These wall-length bars are used for storing booze and liquor that has been crafted by other players in the game. You can have multiple units per house, but should only put one per room. Each bar can hold 15 units of each type of alcohol. Anybody can store/retrieve from your bar, so make sure you trust whoever you let into your house!

House Object

Mahogany bar is a house object which can be purchased for a player house at a cost of either 100000 coins or 180 ThreshCredits.


The Mahogany bar can store the following types of drinks:

  • beer
  • brandy
  • mead
  • whiskey
  • wine


 bar                - To see what types of drinks are available
 bar <type>         - To see what drinks are available for a given type
 select <type> #    - To select a particular drink from the bar
 shelf <drink>      - To add to the bar!


Polished Mahogany Bar

   This bar extends along the wall and provides a place to store many types
of alcohol. It features a honey-combed structure which, within its beautifully
polished mahogany finish, offers up a tantalizing array of spirits.

   A small sign on the bar offers instructions on how to help yourself.