Laundry apparatus

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This gnomish device can be used to wash your clothing much better than the overworked employees at the VVV. In addition to the device you must pay for a magical well of preserved water. The enchantments take a heavy toll on the device, and do not last forever. A new laundry apparatus will function for approximately 6 years (6 RL months).

House Object

Laundry apparatus is a house object which can be purchased for a player house at a cost of either 10000 coins or 18 ThreshCredits.


Laundry Apparatus

   This large machine of gnomish manufacture is very complex. It consists of a
large wooden crate and a steel lid that is closed.

   On the right side of the apparatus, a seat and pedal mechanism is mounted.

   From the center of the left side of the apparatus, a copper pipe 3 inches in
diameter extends for one foot, then turns 90 degrees downward and goes through
the floor. A valve near where the pipe meets the apparatus can seal off the
pipe. A foot pump on the floor is attached to the pipe via a rubber tube. 

   A parchment with a strange, shiny coating is attached to the front.

   The Apparatus is closed.


  1. Open the Apparatus
  2. Insert up to 6 articles of clothing to wash.
  3. Close the Apparatus.
  4. Close the valve (apparatus valve close).
  5. Use the footpump to build up pressure and fill the copper pipe with water from the underground well (apparatus pump). This step may take a while.
  6. Check the valve periodically until it indicates that sufficient pressure has been built up to fill the wash bin with enough water.
  7. Open the valve in order to release the water into the wash bin (apparatus valve open).
  8. Close the valve (apparatus valve close).
  9. Begin pedalling (apparatus pedal). This step will take quite a while.
  10. Eventually, an internal bell will go off indicating that the clothes inside are clean.
  11. Open the valve to release the water (apparatus valve open). Leave it open during the next step so purged moisture can return to the well.
  12. In order to dry the clothing, you need to enable the spin cycle. Begin pedalling (apparatus pedal). This step will take a bit of time.
  13. Once again, an internal bell will go off when this process is complete.
  14. Open the Apparatus.
  15. Remove your clean clothing.