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House Object

Fireplace is a house object which can be purchased for a player house at a cost of either 40000 coins or 72 ThreshCredits.

Fireplaces can be bought for any room of a house and they can also be decorated with their own look and feel. They are often a centerpiece for a sitting room and they are really excellent for burning things such as unwanted pieces of wood.


You can interact with your fireplace by typing fireplace while in the same room.

fireplace light         - light the fire in your fireplace
fireplace douse         - pour water on the fireplace, dousing the fires within
fireplace burn <item>   - burn something from your inventory in your fireplace

Default Appearance

Stone Fireplace (cold)

   Constructed completely from stone, this cozy fireplace is not large but 
could easily heat a small room. The outer hearth extends approximately two 
feet from the lintel, while the inner hearth stretches approximately three 
feet into the fireplace. It provides plenty of space for logs and a fire. 
From the base of the fireplace, the opening stands approximately three and 
a half feet and rises into an arch with a decorative keystone. From there, 
the fireplace tapers into a chimney that extends into the ceiling.

The fireplace is currently cold.


In order to customize the short and long descriptions of your fireplace, you must decorate the items fireplace-short and fireplace-long in the room where the fireplace rests. For the short, it is important to note that you should put the description only on one line in the editor.


> decorate item fireplace-short

Enter the description for fireplace-short:

When finished, type a period on a blank line. To cancel, type ~q

***ALWAYS*** hit return at the end of each line. The length of a line is:
Enormous Granite Fireplace
You decorate the fireplace-short here.
> gl

Sumptuous Den
    Obvious exits are east, south, and north.

  Enormous Granite Fireplace (cold)