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Emoting is a manner of interaction between players that is generally non-verbal. Communicating through gestures and body language, players can more fully express for their characters a broader range of emotion.

Custom emotes

Custom emotes come in two flavours, the regular emote and the premote.

General custom emoting

Face to Face

Generally, you may emote before another character by using the emote command by typing emote and following immediately with the action you are taking. All canned emotes are shown with the -> prefix to denote that it is player-generated, followed directly by the character's appearance name. This command has been globally aliased to the ; character, so in place of typing emote, you may type ;, immediately followed by the action you are taking.


emote places his empty mug on the bar.

;places his empty mug on the bar.


-> Foo places his empty mug on the bar.


Nearly all channels in Threshold support emoting over them and the method to do so is the same as doing so when characters are face-to-face, however, you must begin with the channel name, follow with the ; and then immediately follow that with the action you'd like to take.


heritage ;can't wait to get started!

tell baz ;sends his thoughts and prayers.


[heritage] Foo can't wait to get started!

Secretly, Foo sends his thoughts and prayers.