Global aliases

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An alias is a command that can be used in place of another, similar command. Global aliases are the same but are available to everyone and as such, these do not subtract from a character's alias quota.

Alias Expands to Example
e go east e
w go west w
s go south s
n go north n
u go up u
d go down d
nw go northwest nw
ne go northeast ne
sw go southwest sw
se go southeast se
i inventory $* i

i book

ii inventory carried ii
l look $* l orc

l in pouch

exa look at $* exa orc

exa ale

gl glance $* gl emirikol
bags bagcheck $* bags

bags add pouch 3

$' say $* 'Hi there.
$" tell $* "aristotle You're my favourite admin.
$; emote $* ;takes a brief whiff and winces at the rancid odour of this cemetery.
$: premote $* :Doffing his hat, Indilin bows respectfully to King Borgia.
unready ready off unready
wear equip $* wear robe

wear wizard's hat

feel touch $* feel bed

feel glass

pos positions pos