Emote command

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emote <text>

;<emoted text>

The semicolon is the shortcut key to emoting in rooms, tells, whispers, and channels.

Emote in a Room

;really loves Threshold!

 Yourname really loves Threshold!

Emote on Channels

threshold ;loves Threshold!

 [threshold] Yourname loves Threshold!

Emote in Tells

tell aristotle ;loves this place!

 Secretly, Yourname loves this place!

Suggesting New Emotes

You can suggest new emotes, including guild and race emotes by typing emote suggestion. This will bring you into an editor like bug, idea, typo, or praise and then you can type in detail your emote idea.

Special Note

Do not use this command to try to simulate a game or system message.

See also: Emotes, Racial emotes, Premote, Channels

Help File

help emote