Display case

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Display case is a house object which can be purchased for a player house and can hold virtually anything. Cases come in three different sizes and are priced accordingly. You may only have 1 display case per room, regardless of size, and you cannot place autoloading items, or other items that cannot be transferred. Items placed in a display case are not saved over reboots.

There are three different display cases that can be purchased for a player house, distinguished by their capacity.

small display case 2 items 15,000 coins 27 ThreshCredits
medium display case 5 items 20,000 coins 36 ThreshCredits
large display case 10 items 25,000 coins 45 ThreshCredits

Items placed in a display case are destroyed, leaving only an after-image to show how it previously appeared. This mechanism is a good way for players to keep items as trophies, yet still allow other players the fun and joy of eventually finding these items, particularly those items with limited copies, to play with.

Display cases are not physically visible in the room, so you can decorate them however you wish with item-descs as you would with anything else in your room.



case              - list contents of your display case
case #            - view a specific item in your display case

Owner Commands

case stash <item> - place an item in your display case
case trash #      - trash an item in your display case