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You can buy a pair of bone dice anywhere in your house. Although this is a pair of dice, you can roll just one or both of the dice, depending on your need.

House Object

Dice is a house object which can be purchased for a player house at a cost of either 25000 coins or 45 ThreshCredits.


You need to be holding the dice in your hands in order for them to work.

roll/toss/throw die    - roll a single die
roll/toss/throw dice   - roll both dice


pair of bone dice

   These dice have been carved from the knuckle bone of some large creature,
perhaps a bear or an large cat, giving them an ivory color. Tiny circles have
been carved onto each side of six-sided constructs and then stained with
black ink. The number of dots on each side vary from one to six.


> throw die
You shake a die in your hand and roll a 2.
> throw dice
You shake some dice in your hand and roll a 1 and a 2.