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Bloodshards are potent artifact gems that are stored in an adventurer belt via special bloodshard slots. Thus encrusted, they will confer amazingly powerful enhancements, permanent until they are removed.

By default, adventurer belts only have one slot for encrusting a bloodshard, though the possibility exists for there to be more than one in the future through special events or registration specials.

A bloodshard does not need to be filled as do bloodjewels, they come already enchanted and ready to be encrusted. The cost of encrusting a bloodshard is 1 orb per level of the belt into which it will be placed and can be done so via Groknard in Sable City or Drankorg in Thrace City.


  • Every character gets 1 base bloodshard slot per belt.
  • A bloodshard may only imbue into the currently active belt.
  • If you have an alternate belt, the bloodshard does not carry over when swapping belts. If you wish to place a shard in your alternate belt, you will need to make that belt active before imbuing a shard into it.
  • When you upgrade your belt, both bloodjewels and bloodshards remain.
  • Like bloodjewels, bloodshards cannot be retrieved. They can be removed just like gems.