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Death is a traumatic event for your character but for mighty adventurers it is not the end! When you die, your soul travels to the domain of the God Mortis. There you will languish until you are returned by the Goddess Vivoria. Generally, you come back to life by typing "pray" as a ghost.

ASCII Death Screens
Death Skull Deathskull.png
Death Cow Deathcow.png


Your character does not remember how he died or where he died when you recover. Your memories of it will return slowly. You should not begin remembering things for at least one game day or 2 real life hours (people often RP they never remember anything). This means that if nobody was with you when you died, you cannot give out directions or information about where your gear is, where you died, or what you died to.


When you die, your memory suffers and it takes time before you remember even the tiniest details of your own death. Yelling out your location to someone before you die (or before you enter an area or a battle) so you can later recover your gear is cheating since it clearly violates the spirit of this rule. The point is: when you die alone, your gear is gone. Period. No exceptions.

Death's Shroud

When you die you receive a debuff called Death's Shroud. While this debuff is in effect, your character is not permitted to remember the details of his last death. Consequently, your score will not show any information regarding your previous death or previous kill.

Memory in a PK

Same as #Memory above. Check the rules on

Life is Precious

You know OOC that your character comes back to life, but IC your character does NOT know this. You should always play your character as if he/she believes death is final. In other words, value your life as one logically would. Furthermore, if Vivoria feels you do not value your life and simply die without a care, she may not choose to bring you back from the Underworld... permanently. It is also not known IC that people always come back to life in Vivoria's Temple. That is OOC knowledge.

Consequences of Death

If you are player level 3 or below you will not suffer any penalties or consequences from dying (except gear loss). Starting at player level 4 things change dramatically. The trauma of dying and being brought to life manifests itself in a panoply of ways. In fact, there are so many different things that can happen that it needs its own entry.

Death due to Bug

If you feel your death was a bug or error of some kind, you should mail admin with a detailed explanation of what happened. If your bug cannot be replicated then unfortunately you cannot be reimbursed for your death. Dying because of lag is a reality of the internet, and you cannot be reimbursed for such a thing. Threshold is a dangerous land. You can expect to die somewhat often- especially if you explore any of the more interesting and exciting locales of the realm. Please note that when you have received the "death blow" from a foe, you do not actually fall dead until your next heart beat (somewhere between 0 and 2 seconds). If you eat or are healed during this time, it does not matter. Once you are dead, you're dead. It just sometimes takes you a second or so to realize it and fall to the ground in a heap.

Help file

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