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The calendar is composed of 12 months each with 30 days of 24 hours. You may view the entire calendar rotation including months and weekdays at the Threshold IC Calendar.

Events Calendar

Threshold maintains an Events Calendar. Make sure to add it to your own Google calendar! To submit an event to the Events Calendar, follow the link on its wiki page.

Time Conversion

The following table shows the conversion rates between game time and real life time. There is also a time conversion utility that can be found at

1 game hour 5 real minutes
1 game day 2 real hours
1 game week 1 real day
1 game month 60 real hours
1 game year 30 real days


A real life day is divided into 12 segments, each being a weekday IC. The chart below details each weekday and its position on the 24 hour clock in Eastern Time.

Time (EST) Time (EDT) Weekday
12:00 1:00 Vidi
2:00 3:00 Aubus
4:00 5:00 Tikun
6:00 7:00 Coronea
8:00 9:00 Dashen
10:00 11:00 Merida
12:00 13:00 Solus
14:00 15:00 Ganymor
16:00 17:00 Dianis
18:00 19:00 Misma
20:00 21:00 Duskus
22:00 23:00 Lunas


To make it easier for players to understand where a particular game month occurs on the calendar, the following table gives a comparative real life month to a game month.

Game Month Real Life Month
Dawn January
Cuspis February
Thawing March
Renasci April
Tempest May
Serenus June
Solaria July
Torrid August
Sojourn September
Hoerfest October
Twilight November
Deepchill December


While Threshold does experience seasons, you will not find that ideas such as inclement weather will affect your character's play unless you elect for it to. Some concepts such as resources do make use of the seasons, for example: many plants only appear during certain seasons. The following is the breakdown of seasons in Threshold.

Winter Spring Summer Autumn
Deepchill Thawing Serenus Sojourn
Dawn Renasci Solaria Hoerfest
Cuspis Tempest Torrid Twilight

Dominance Calendar

During their respective months, the values of all actions which contribute to a church's favor are boosted by 10%.

Month Deity
Dawn Vishnu
Cuspis Mortis
Thawing Vivoria
Tempest Tempest
Serenus Chronos
Solaria Void
Torrid Bast
Sojourn Erosia
Hoerfest Loviatar
Twilight Gethsemane
Deepchill Set