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This command tells you your total wealth, your bank account balance, and the number of coins of each type you happen to be currently carrying. Threshold also has other "currencies" available to be spent at various vendors (to get a fuller explanation, read help alternate currency). For more information on the coin currencies of the realm, read help currency. You should be aware that using this command costs 10 endurance points. That might seem a little excessive, but it does require time and effort to count your coins. Endurance cost simulates this time and effort without making you stand around to count. It also prevents people from using the command a hundred times a minute (yes, people have done that!).


wealth - shows all your accrued wealth and currencies

wealth coin - shows your coin currencies

wealth alternate - shows your carried alternate currencies (also: wealth alt)

Special Note

If you are planning on starting a new character, leaving Threshold for a while (or permanently), or anything similar, you cannot give any of your coinage to anyone else. If you decide to quit, start over, leave for a while, etc. that is a 100% OOC decision. Thus, the IC effects should be minimized. Nobody should get an In Character benefit from your character "leaving town." Giving coins in this manner can result in serious trouble for you, as well as serious trouble for the person receiving the coins. This includes using all your coin for a bounty, tithing, or something similar.

See also: Economy

Help File

help wealth