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On Threshold RPG, you must make use of all 5 of your natural senses in order to succeed and prosper. You must look, listen, smell, taste, and touch to learn as much as possible. You can use all of these verbs without any other modifiers to look/listen/smell/taste/touch within that room. Or, you can use these verbs to examine a person, NPC, or object. You can also use these verbs to examine things that are mentioned in the descriptions of rooms.


look - look around your general area (full room description)

glance - glance for a quick look around your general area (short description and exits)

listen - listen in your general area

smell - smell your immediate environment

taste - taste the air or surroundings

touch - touch things in your environment (same as feel)

feel - feel about, or just "feel" your environment (same command as touch)

Special Note

You can also set what you want others to see when they look, listen, smell, taste, or touch you.

See also: Describe

Help File

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