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A wide variety of information about your character including stats, hit points, spell points, endurance points, affinity, birthday, guild, race, player level, guild level, banked and carried wealth, and experience points are available with this command.



Sample Score Data

                               Foo the Geriatric                               
      Strength: 12                          Health (HP): 425/425
  Intelligence: 12                     Spell Power (SP): 300/300
        Wisdom: 16                       Endurance (EP): 102/102
     Dexterity: 13                                Level: 20
  Constitution: 10                          Guild Level: 20
      Charisma: 15                      Experience (XP): 525,930
          Luck: 21                                        

You are a male of the human species.
You were born a farmer on Sojourn 23, 287. (Next Cycle in the Year 440)
You are reportedly 145 years of age.
Your nemesis is Giant Wolverine.
Your last successful combat was against baby llama.
You are a member of the Bard guild.
You hold the position of follower in the Church of Bilanx.
You follow the neutral ethos.
You have not eaten for 3 weeks 4 hours 48 minutes 24 seconds.
You have had nothing to drink for 1 week 3 hours 32 minutes 48 seconds.
You are carrying: 13 danar  
You have 128,773 slag in the bank.
Your total wealth is 128,903 units of coin.

Special Note

If you are player level 4 or higher, it costs 20 spell points to use this command, as it is a very detailed and strenuous self-analysis.

Help File

help score