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Potions (and elixirs) are consumables that often confer rejuvenation or buff of some kind, although there do exist some that can modify a character temporarily or do damage.

Potions have a thirty second cooldown per potion cooldown type. This means that if you drink a health potion, you won't be able to drink another health potion for another 30 seconds. However, you would be able to drink a mana potion, its category having its own cooldown of 30 seconds.

Side effects

With the exception of Alchemists, drinking a potion will incur a 1 round block attack.

Known Potions
Name Effect Cooldown Type
Aging Permanently adjust your birth year by -1 General
Clairvoyance Scry another living General
Defense Temporarily improve defense skill by 10 General
Diminution Temporarily reduce your height/weight General
Feasting Reduces fullness General
Firebreath Deliver fire damage to a foe General
Growth Temporarily increase your height/weight General
Hair Tonic Temporarily change your hair to random description General
Healing Heal HP/EP by 20 Healing
Healing - Critical Heal HP/EP by 160 Healing
Healing - Extra Heal HP/EP by 40 Healing
Healing - Major Heal HP/EP by 80 Healing
Impact Temporarily improve blunt weapons skill by 6 General
Mana Heal SP by 100 Mana
Mana - Major Heal SP by 200 Mana
Momentum Temporarily improve thrusting weapons skill by 6 General
Razor Sharpness Temporarily improve cutting weapons skill by 6. General
Speed Execute 2 instant attacks or crafting strikes General
Vitality Heal EP by 100 General
Youth Permanently adjust your birth year by 1 General