Parched Wanderer

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The Parched Wanderer is found on the eastern crossroad separating the east quadrants of Androctonus, and is home to and operated by the scorpien Skwauknaut Baboo. He is a man of few words that proudly serves the regional delicacies of the scorpien people. Fresh figs and dates from the city's orchards, expertly seasoned and lightly fried scarab beetles are a tasty treat. (Not recommended for non-scorpiens as the carapaces can break teeth.)

The Parched Wanderer's featured drinks grown from the unique fruits and spices native to only Androctonus. Hnqt, a thick and quite filling, sweet, foamy drink an excellent start to one's day, a mid day filling drink or a full belly when one heads home to slumber, or the rare vintage of Mareotic wine distilled from a secret mix of rare Androctonan fruits and spices that cools the blood like a clear spring fed oasis.


Squaknaut Baboo


Name Cost (Slag) Healing (HP/SP/EP)
bundle of dried figs 150 30/30/30
fine Androctan dates 200 40/40/40
fried scarab beetle 500 75/75/75


Alcohol Cost (Slag)
Tankard of Hnqt 30
Glass of Mareotic Wine 1000