Lord Wyvith Celebration

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The grand Lord Wyvith Celebration explores the quandary of an ancient ruler whose story lives on as a lesson to others. Ancient Lord Wyvith found himself in the first recorded instance of a Love Triangle between the beautiful and gracious Eris and the luscious and vivacious Bys.

In Eris' presence, he felt his heart swell with love and desire, but when he found himself with Bys, he found other parts of him swelling. Both would have presented an excellent union for him, but he could not decide between the two lovely ladies. Finally, tired of his excuses, indecision, and infidelity, both ladies sought other suitors. In a fit of rage, Lord Wyvith tried to kidnap one, and when he failed, he tried for the other. In the last last attempt, he was killed by both of the ladies' new husbands in an epic battle, the epicness mostly coming from how quickly he was slaughtered.

This tale has been retold in a million ways since Lord Wyvith lived, and now people celebrate his indecision as an instructional holiday for budding teenagers. Tradition dictates that magical, playful arrows are sent either to a friend (or an enemy's) heart or groin to help Lord Wyvith's spirit make its choice.

Once the spirit of Lord Wyvith has made his choice, it is said that he makes his way to a place that most represents his desires to be with his Lady.


Once per RL hour, you may visit Peeki in Sable or Foroni in Thrace and there you will find a heart-shaped pinata. To use this item, you must type beat pinata. Possible rewards from the pinata include a heart-shaped cookie that is perfect for sharing, a tiny candied heart, and a miniature golden bow and arrow.

The bow and arrow is used to generate the numbers for the event. To use the bow, you shoot someone near or far in the heart or the groin. The heart will contribute toward the Lady Eris, while the groin will contribute to Lady Bys. Or, you can just shoot someone, not contributing to either number. The general syntax (neither heart nor groin) will result in a blemish on the recipient in the form of a lips-shaped mark that will increment in number the more that person is shot.


shoot <name>
shoot <name> heart
shoot <name> groin


You can track the progress of the event, by typing the holiday command.